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Action Cards

You can make your own or for a donation get Action Packs.

Make your own:

Here is the text for the front of the standard business card.  "Thank You for cleaning your hands"  And at the bottom please reference our website (

The backside text we use is:  click here

If you want to purchase ready made sets, here is what we include:

Each packet contains:
1 -Transparent business card envelope


4 - 2-sided "Thank You" cards


1 - instruction card


$1 donation plus shipping.  (0.50 per pack)

These convenient packs can be carried in your purse or car.  you will always have them when you need them.  We encourage you to pass out packets to your friends and acquaintances.  The transparent envelope allows viewing from the front side "Thank You" card and the back side shows the instructions on how we recommend the card carrier use the cards.

  Action Pack with 5 cards inside transparent envelope.  Click for larger image.  

  Back of Card

Card Instructions