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Hand Washing Information for Kids

Special thanks to a Librarian at Pine Wood Elememtary School for suggesting we add a section for Kids. She wrote us after a suggestion from a student teacher. Here is what she had to say:

"My name is <name withheld> and I am a Librarian at Pinewood Elementary School. Being surrounded by children all day I am sure you can imagine how many gems circulate our school. This past month we have had many teachers and students go home with flu like symptoms. I have been working with our student teachers in putting together information to send home with our kids about ways to stay healthy during flu season. This morning I came across your site and wanted to thank you for making your page. It has some good links and tips we are going to include in our info packet. One of our student teachers found some information that you might be able to pass along on your website."


Red Cross

Red Cross - Steps to help Children avoid the Flu

Red Cross Scrub Club

Red Cross - The Scrub Club® is an interactive Web site that offers free materials to raise awareness about the benefits of hand washing to fight germs and prevent illness. The website features cartoon Webisodes featuring seven soaper-heroes and comes complete with educational materials, music and games. Visit for more information.


Why is Hand Washing So Important? (you may click image for shortcut to website)

Kids Health

Images for Hand Washing for Kids

hand washing images for kids


Kid Scoop: Hand Washing with FREE Activity Pages

University of Nebraska - Kids Handwashing Materials Free Posters, Handouts and Game Materials.

Softsoap - For Young Children teaching handwashing see tips below by Softsoap.


Watch Video teaching children about germs and handwashing