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CDC - Hand Hygiene Guidelines Fact Sheet

CDC - Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings (adobe PDF)

Association to Defend Victims of Nosocomial Infections,


RID - Reduce Infection Deaths.  Great site and a must visit.  Lots of statistics and ways to protect yourself.  We reference them in this website.  This is a national organization.  Looks like to us that their main action item is sponsoring Radio Ads to bring their message to the people, and encouraging people to "Call your local hospital and ask them to support RID's campaign for cleaner hospitals and public disclosure of infection rates." 

Hand Hygeine Resource Center

    Site sponsored by Hospital of St.Raphael   

    Opening words:  Welcome to the Hand Hygiene Resource Center. The HHRCís mission is to advance the quality of patient care and reduce infection by improving hand hygiene practices in healthcare settings.  Two million people each year become ill as a result of a hospital-acquired infection. Proper hand hygiene is critical to the prevention of these infections - which contribute to the death of nearly 90,000 hospital patients per year and $4.5 billion in medical expenses. 

Infection Education Controversies in Managing Nosocomial Infections

Consumers Union - Stop Hospital Infections Petition your hospital for information about its hospital-acquired infections!

BioMedrix.Inc. - Healing solutions. ProgranX is effective against MRSA in wounds.

Recognized as a leader in patient safety, the Joint Commission promotes and provides for the delivery of safe, high-quality care through its standards, sentinel event database, Sentinel Event Alert, Speak Upô programs and, most recently, its National Patient Safety Goals. The Patient Safety Center allows the Joint Commission and JCR to advance the entire continuum of patient safety including principles related to system design and organizational re-engineering, product safety, safety of services, and environment of care, as well as offering proactive solutions for patient safety, whether based on empirical evidence, hard research or best practices.

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